Taxi driver's refresher course

With effect from 1st February 2014, Taxi Vocational Licence holders are required to attend a 9-hour Taxi Refresher Course for Non-Active Driver and 6-hour Taxi Refresher Course for Active Driver once every 6 years.

Attendance is compulsory.  Should applicants fail to achieve 100% attendance of the course, he / she will not be issued with the Certificate of Attendance which is required by LTA for licence renewal.

All courses are conducted in English.

Course Curriculum: Theoretical Lessons
Course Duration: 9 hours (Non-Active Taxi Driver)                                                 
  6 hours (Active Taxi Driver)
Course Fee: Non-Active Taxi Driver - $53.50 (Fee includes 7% GST)
  Active Taxi Driver - $48.15 (Fee includes 7% GST)
Make-up Fee:
(Min. 2 hours session)
$10.70 (Fee includes 7% GST)
Documents: 1. NRIC
2. Taxi Vocational Licence
3. Renewal Notice from LTA
Payment Mode: Cashcard, Nets or Cheque

Enrolment forms can be obtained at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, Customer Service Centre Level 1. For more information, please contact Customer Service during office hours at 6841 8900.


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