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CORPORATE-TRAINING - Defensive Driving Course (Motorcar / Heavy Vehicle / Bus)

For Whom:
Drivers by Profession

Course Objectives:
The course will raise Drivers’ defensive driving skills, visual perception skills, knowledge of Vehicle Limitations, and a Driver’s responsibilities to other road users. The course, through classroom and in-vehicle sessions out on the road, will provide Drivers with an awareness of actual and potential hazards associated with driving on all road types and equip Drivers with the necessary defensive driving skills and techniques to recognize these hazards, understand the defence, and act in time.

Key Content:
Attributes of a Good Driver
Driver Condition
Common Driving Errors and Violations
The Driving Environment
See and Survive
The Driving Plan while Driving
Vehicle Safety and Recovery Systems
Before you drive (Pre-drive Checks)
Vehicle Control – Out on the Road

Defensive Driving Theory with case study
Practical Driving using CDC Driver Assessment Tool
Driver Assessment Report
Individual Counseling

Medium of Instruction:

Holder of valid motorcar driving licence

Training Duration:
Full Day