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Electric Motorcycle Familiarisation Course

Suitable For: Riders by Professions
Course Objectives: This course aims to equip riders with knowledge in the definition and operational characteristics of an electric motorcycle. It also provides familiarisation on control and devices, conducting pre-ride checks and riding an electric motorcycle safely.
Course Content
  • Legislation Guidelines on Use of Electric Motorcycles in Singapore
  • What is an Electric Motorcycle?
  • How does an Electric Motorcycle operate?
  • Electric Motorcycle versus Internal Combustion Engine (I.C.E) Motorcycle
  • What are the benefits in switching to an Electric Motorcycle?
  • Charging an Electric Motorcycle
  • Battery Management
  • Familarisation on Control and Devices/ Pre-Ride Checks
  • Correct Riding Posture
  • Motorcycle Handling and Balancing
  • Familarisation Riding in CDC Circuit
Course Highlight
  • Theory
  • Static Training
  • Practical Training
Language  English/ Malay
Pre-Requisition   Holder of valid motorcycle riding license (min. Class 2B licence) 
Training Duration  Half day 

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