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The On Road Assessment is a practical assessment of driving skills for elderly Vocational Licence Holders reaching the ages of 70, 73 and 74.

During the assessment, the holder will be assessed on areas such as speed control, planning and judgement and physical control.

The booking of the On Road Assessment should be completed two months before the holder’s birthday. Holders are reminded to bring the LTA renewal letter and the completed medical form when attending the On Road Assessment.

All assessments are conducted either in English or Chinese.

Starting from 1 Jan 2024

Course Curriculum: On Road Practical Assessment
Course Duration: 30 minutes
Course Fee: $81.75 (Fee includes 9% GST)
Re-test Fee: $59.95 (Fee includes 9% GST)

1. NRIC (age should be turning 70, 73 or 74)
2. Medical notification letter from LTA
3. Assessment form with Parts I and II duly completed and certified by the General Practitioner (GP)
4. Valid driving licence

* Vocational Licence holders with modified vehicle must register and undergo the On-Road Assessment with Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) only.

Payment Mode: eNets or Credit Card (online enrolment)


Every Tuesday & Thursday: 30-minute session

8:30am  12:45pm
9:05am 1:20pm
9:40am 1:55pm
10:20am 2:35pm
10:55am 3:10pm
11:30am 3:45pm

For registration, please click here to enrol.