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Learning in the comfort of your home

Whether you are at home, at school, in the office, or on the move, you can now have access to driving knowledge through ComfortDelGro Driving Centre’s e-Learning site.

What is e-learning at CDC like? It comprises two essential elements:

1. e-Learning – Learn Theory From Home
2. e-Trial Test

e-Learning starts online with the learning for driving theory. What used to be taught through text books in classrooms can now be easily accessible on your home PC. You will get:

• Interactivity with the help of animation, graphics and voice-overs!
• Comprehensive & structured training to suit your learning pace!
• Self-assessment at the end of each subject!
• Assistance from instructors via the forum!

But CDC offers more, because we understand that learning is never a solitary process. Practising e-Trial Test ensures that you have a simulated practise of things to come!

e-Learning has never been easier for you to start anywhere, anytime. It offers you maximum flexibility in time management. So start your e-Learning right away!

If you are not yet registered as a CDC learner, you may wish to register with us.

Test Date Booking

With effect from 1 October 2008, there will be NO REFUND of test fee for any cancellation of your test date by you. You are allowed to book for one test only. No multiple bookings of tests across the test centres is allowed. Any multiple bookings of test will be cancelled and no refund of the test fees will be made. Please ensure compliance before you confirm your booking.


– You must produce your ORIGINAL IDENTITY CARD / PASSPORT for identification purpose.


LATECOMER will not be allowed to sit for the test.

NO DUPLICATE bookings of test date.

Theory Test Booking (Basic / Final Theory)

– Come personally to open account
– Original documents to bring:

NRIC/Passport (Local)
WP/EP & Passport (Foreigner)

– Mode of payment: Nets or Cashcard

Practical Driving Test Booking

– Come personally to open account
– Original documents to bring:

NRIC/Passport (Local) & Provisional Driving License(PDL)
WP/EP & Passport (Foreigner) & Provisional Driving License(PDL)

– Mode of payment: Nets or Cashcard

Lesson Booking

Book your practical lessons online! Be assured of less waiting time, and avoid the hassle of queuing over at the counter. In addition, you get to choose your instructor via the Internet and check the availability of practical lessons’ timeslots for last minute bookings.

The session opening dates for lesson bookings (both Manual & Automatic) are as follows:

For Ubi learners

Class 3 One Team / Elite Team: 13th of every month, 10:00pm
Class 3A One Team / Elite Team: 17th of every month, 10:00pm

Class 3: 15th of every month, 10:00pm
Class 3A: 18th of every month, 10:00pm

For Kovan learners

Class 3: 22nd of each month, 10.30pm
Class 3A: 29th of each month, 10.30pm

For Tampines learners

Class 3A: 5th of each month, 10.30pm

Thank you for making our driving courses a roaring success! Book your lessons online or come personally to CDC today!

To view the Lesson Booking Demonstration, CLICK HERE.
To view the Lesson Cancellation Demonstration, CLICK HERE.


With e-Payment, you do not have to miss your preferred training slot or test date because of insufficient funds in your stored value account! Simply top up your stored value account, or renew your membership on our website right from the comfort of your home or office, day or night! All made available through e-Payment.

Simply follow the steps below:

Log on to our website

Click on the button Store Value Top Up

Top Up your Store Value Account

* Terms & Conditions – We only accept Citibank, UOB, DBS, POSB, OCBC & Standard Chartered cards.

Do note that there is an admin charge of $0.90 for every e-Payment transaction made.

E-Learning FAQ

1. Why should I go for e-Learning?

With the implementation of e-Testing, new test questions have been set. Furthermore, during the test, you are required to view scenario-based animations or images that are related to the test questions. Thus, existing theory books sold at bookshops are not enough to see you through.

2. What are the differences in benefits between a school candidate and a private candidate for the Theory Training?

Critical Components Training (%) School Private
e-Learning 60 Full access No access
Tutorial 15 Full access No access
e-Trial 10 Full access, with review on mistakes / explanation No access
Total 100

3. How is e-Learning structured?

e-Learning is divided into short modules to allow for easier understanding. Each module is structured as follows:

– Introduction – A precise prelude of the lesson
– What you will learn – Overview of the main learning contents
– Learning outcomes – What you should know at the end of each lesson
– Learning Content – Interactive learning contents
– Quiz – Self evaluation to assess your understanding of the contents
– Conclusion – A short review of the lessons covered

The estimated duration of each module is about ½ hr. The estimated total duration for Basic Theory is 4 hours and for Final Theory is 6 hours. You are advised to spend sufficient time on these modules.

4. How can e-Learning help me to prepare for the Traffic Police theory tests?



8-5 - CDC - Eservices E-learning FAQ

To confidently prepare yourself for the tests, you should go through e-Learning, attend the tutorial and attempt the e-Trial tests (within CDC premises only) with what you have learnt, before going for the tests. You need to attend at least one Simulated Trial, which helps to orientate you on the navigational tips and precedures for the Traffic Police theory test.

5. How can I seek help (regarding e-Learning) if I have some doubts that I need to clarify?
There are 2 ways that you can seek further clarifications:

Email – You can email to training@cdc.com.sg, where a qualified instructor will address your queries.

Forum – A collaborative and interactive medium where you can post your queries. You can also view questions posted by other students. An instructor, who administers the forum, will assist in your clarifications.

6. Who is eligible for e-Learning and how can I register for it?

All learners who have enrolled with CDC for Basic and Final Theory courses will be eligible for e-Learning. You can either approach the Customer Service counters personally or enrol online, using the following URL: www.cdc.com.sg

7. How to access e-Learning?

To access e-Learning from your home PC, use the following URL: www.cdc.com.sg. (You have to key in your unique Learner ID and Password.)