Theory Courses


3-step guide for Foreign Licence Conversion

Step 1: Enrol in Basic Theory Course if you fulfil Traffic Police’s Foreign Licence conversion requirements

Step 2 : Pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT)

Step 3 : Apply for the conversion via FormSG from the e-Services page on the Singapore Police Force’s website.

Course Overview

This course is applicable for learners who would like to have comprehensive learning resources to prepare for their Basic Theory Test (BTT).

Enrolment Pre-Requisites
  • At least 18 years old.
  • Learners must be able to pass the eyesight and colour-blindness tests.
  • Learner holding other valid licence class: Not accumulated more than 12 demerit points under the Driver Improvement Point System (DIPS).
  • Applicants above the age of 65 or pregnant learners must produce a certified doctor’s letter stating that he/she is fit to drive during the period of training.

Important Notes

  • Please enrol online.
  • Enrolment Fee paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • WP/SP holders: Eye-sight test is required before you can book Basic Theory Test (BTT) online and apply for your eProvisional Driving Licence (ePDL*). After you have enrolled online, please check your Inbox/Spam/Junk folder for the email confirmation to book an eye-sight test appointment. You can only book BTT online after you have passed the eye-sight test at the Customer Service Counter.
  • EP/DP/PR holders/Singaporeans: Eye-sight test is not required after you have enrolled online.  After successful enrolment, you can proceed to book BTT online via CDC website/myCDC app.  Please check your Inbox/Spam/Junk folder for the login details.
  • You only need to pass Basic Theory Test (BTT) for conversion.  The approval will be subjected to the Traffic Police approval. Once you have passed BTT, please proceed to the Traffic Police Headquarter at 10 Ubi Avenue 3, Singapore 408865 for conversion.
  • For change of FIN to NRIC number, you are required to update Traffic Police and our centre before your test.  Otherwise, you will be disqualified from taking your BTT.

*ePDL is required for practical training and Traffic Police Practical Test to be eligible to drive a Class 3/3A commercial vehicle.



Theory Resources


e-Learning provides learners with an online platform to learn driving theory. What used to be taught through text books in classrooms can now be easily accessible anywhere, anytime. The curriculum is broken down into short modules to allow for easier understanding. Apart from the content, each module also consists of a quiz to enable learners to gauge their understanding.

Each learner has 15 hours of access to Basic Theory e-Learning materials.

(Access is limited to validity of the learner’s account)


Each session of e-Trial is 50 minutes with access to a total of 15 sets of questions and answers.

Learners are entitled to 4 free sessions for Basic Theory Test.

e-Trial is available both in the classroom and online. Online e-Trial can be assessed through your mobile phone or computer.

Booking of classroom e-Trial can be made via:-

  • Mobile app
  • Online booking system

Internal Evaluation

The Internal Evaluation (IE) is a mock test that simulates the actual Traffic Police BTT.  The IE enables learners to enhance their familiarity with the format and standards required by the actual TP BTT .

School learners must book and attend in person the compulsory Internal Evaluation before the actual Traffic Police Basic Theory Test. This applies to first time learners.

Booking of IE can be made via:-

  • Mobile app
  • Online Booking System

Online Theory (Optional)

In BTT online lessons, learners learn about BTT content under the guidance of a trainer in a large group setting. There are two lessons each for both BTT. The duration of each lesson is 100 minutes.

Booking of online theory lessons can be made via:-

  • Mobile app
  • Online Booking System

Group Tuition (Optional)

The Group Tuition is a session which provides learners with more personalised and customized coaching in BTT in a small group setting. As the class size is smaller, learners receive more individual attention from the instructor who can then better cater to the different learning pace of each learner.  The duration of each lesson is 100 minutes.   

Booking of group tuition can be made via:-

  • Mobile app
  • Online Booking System
Enhancement Training

Motorcar Training Videos

Starting from 8 October 2020, ComfortDelGro Driving Center (CDC) will be launching a series of Motorcar training videos (‘videos’). Produced based on the subjects in CDC’s Class 3/3A practical curriculum, there will be 21 manual car videos and 19 automatic car videos.

These videos are available to all CDC Motorcar Learners and Private learners registered with CDC. For CDC Class 3/3A Learners, these videos will be available as part of the enrolment package as an additional training resource and on a pay-per-view basis.

For learners in all other CDC licencing courses (eg 3T, Express course) and Private learners registered with CDC, these videos will be available on a pay-per-view basis only.

Booking of Theory Tests

Booking of Theory Tests

Booking of Theory Test can be made via:-

  • Mobile app
  • Online Booking System

Test Date Booking Criteria:

  • There will be NO REFUND of test fees for any cancellation of your test date.
  • You are allowed to book for one test only. No multiple bookings of test dates across the test centres is allowed.
  • Any multiple bookings of test will be cancelled and no refund of the test fees will be made.
  • Have not accumulated more than 12 demerit points under the Driver Improvement Point System (DIPS).
  • You must be able to produce your ORIGINAL SINGAPORE IDENTITY CARD OR PASSPORT for identification purposes when attending the test. Foreigners must produce ORIGINAL VALID WORK PASSES OR PERMIT.



Explore the unique learning journey with ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC). From the outset, our mission has been to deliver an exceptional educational experience tailored to each learner.

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Fees include 9% GST
(A) Basic Theory Enrolment Fee + (F) Internal Evaluation + (G) Basic Theory Test + (H) Administrative Fee
Includes eLearning, eTrial Tests and Theory lessons. Fees will apply for additional eTrial Test bookings.
$82.47 (3-month membership)
  Membership Renewal Fee $32.70 (3-month extension)
(B) Eyesight Test (Applicable to WP / SP pass holders) $1.96
(C) 15 hours of e-Learning FREE
(D) e-Trial sessions x4 FREE
(E) Theory Lessons
(F) Internal Evaluation
$7.63 per session
(G) Basic Theory Test
(H) Administrative Fee $2.94 per test



Being able to drive/ride is an important life skill. Let ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC) guide you to achieve the life skill that you always wanted.