The Safe Driving Course is introduced under Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) as a ‘circuit breaker’ for motorists who are close to being liable for their first suspension under DIPS.

It aims to overcome and correct dangerous road behaviour through early corrective education and encourage positive road behavioural change.

Four demerit points will be deducted for motorists who complete both theory and practical training. Deduction of demerit points is subject to and under the jurisdiction of Traffic Police.

All applicants need to attend a 4-hour 20-minutes course and attendance is compulsory.  Applicants must complete Theory training (Online) before proceeding to Practical training (Onsite).

All courses are conducted in English and Chinese.


Course Curriculum:

Theoretical Lessons and Tests

Course Duration:

Theory – 3.5 hours
Practical – 50 minutes

Course Fee: $127.53 (Fee includes 9% GST)
Course Dates: Click here
  1. NRIC
  2. Original X-Ray and Medical Report
  3. Original Application approval letter from LTA
Payment Mode: NETSPAY, Nets or Cheque

 1 instructor to 1 participant for practical driving lesson

For the SDC (Online), the theory component is conducted via Zoom. Learners need not come to CDC for the theory component. However, learners will have to come to CDC for the practical driving component.

After enrolment, you must log in with your Learner ID to book your preferred course date.

Original Notice of Eligibility from Traffic Police

Click here to check Demerit Points


Please report 15 minutes earlier as there will be temperature screening before entry into the premise is allowed. Please be punctual. Late comers will not be allowed to proceed with the practical assessment.


Smart Casual, covered shoes

Things to bring:

  • Original NRIC
  • Driving Licence
  • Writing Pen

  • Accident facts and figures
  • Driver Improvement Point System (DIPS)
  • Preventable and non- preventable accidents
  • Attitude and responsibilities of a driver
  • Interactions with other road users
  • 6 adverse conditions that lead to accidents
  • Case study of accidents scenarios

With effect from 1 November 2017, Traffic Police will revise the Safe Driving Course to allow more motorists to benefit from it.  To find out more, click here

General Information For Online Lessons

  1. Learners must have a valid booking to join the meetings.
  2. For authentication and security purposes, learners are required to sign in Zoom.
  3. Please join using full name as per enrolment to facilitate attendance marking. Attendance is marked based on the name used in the meeting. If using Alias name, please add [Learner ID] beside it.
  4. Learners should also attend the lesson from a location with good internet connection. Once admitted, please:
      • Click Join Audio
      • Click Start Video
      • Click Participants (Find your name and rename if necessary)
  5. Learners are to have a device with a working camera and microphone that is able to support Zoom. It is compulsory to enable camera to show your presence (minimally face visible on screen) Your active participation is expected.
  6. To enable a good learning experience for all learners,
    CDC will remove learners from the Online lesson under the below circumstances
      • Learners who are driving or riding in an unsafe situation
      • Learners who are late for more than 15 minutes
      • Learners whom are non-responsive for more than 10 minutes
      • Learners whose camera is off
      • Learners who cannot be seen for more than 10 minutes
      • Learners who are abusive or disrupt the class

For learners who are removed from the online lesson, we regret that no refund will be given.

Also, learners may have to enrol for the course again.

We seek your cooperation to follow our guidelines for a smooth learning journey with CDC.