DIPS Retraining

DIPS Re-Training Course is for motorist who accumulated 24 or more demerit points within 24 months. The holder’s licence is liable to be suspended.

After enrolment, you must log in with your Learner ID to book your preferred course date.


To remind motorists the importance of driving lawfully. At the same time, revive the self-belief among drivers to regain the conviction and confidence to drive safely, defensively & with good social responsibility.



1st Suspension: 12 weeks

2nd Suspension: 24 weeks

Accumulated 24 or more D.P within 24 months A motorist who has previous suspension records and accumulated 12 or more D.P within 12 months
Balance Period of Suspension after Retraining: 4 weeks or 1 week (subject to meeting further criteria) Balance Period of Suspension after Retraining: 12 weeks


We provide Driver Improvement Point System (DIPs) retraining for drivers and riders.


Course Fee (Includes 9% GST)

Motorcycle (DIPS 1)


Motorcycle (DIPS 2) $198.38
Motorcar (DIPS 1) $198.38
Motorcar (DIPS 2) $198.38
RE-TESTS Fee (Includes 9% GST)
Theory $39.24
Practical $75.21

Course Details

A 12 hour spread over 1 and a half day program which includes 8 hours of theory, 2 hours of practical driving and 2 hours of assessment.

Program Details:





Online (Zoom) 0900 - 1300 DIPS Theory Part 1 Learners need not come to CDC
1300 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1600 DIPS Theory Part 2
1600 - 1800 Theory Revision
1800 End of Day 1





CDC 0800 - 0900 Theory Assessment Learners are required to come to CDC
0900 - 1100 DIPS Practical Lesson
1100 - 1200 Practical Assessment
1200 End of Day 2/ Course

Passing Grades for Revised DIPs Retraining Courses

Course Name

Theory Assessment

Practical Driving Assessment

Defensive Driving Course 1 (DIPS 1) 92% and above or not more than 4 incorrect answers. One Immediate Failure or accumulation of 18 demerit points constitutes a failure
Defensive Driving Course 2 (DIPS 2) 94% and above or not more than 3 incorrect answers. One Immediate Failure or accumulation of 16 demerit points constitutes a failure


  • How DIPS works and it’s effects on you
  • Traffic accidents and fatalities
  • Human factors in Preventable and Non- Preventable accidents
  • Attitude and responsibilities
  • Interactions with other road users
  • Attributes of defensive driving
  • Six different conditions that affect driving
  • Managing risk involve when driving under adverse condition
  • Six possible collision involving two vehicles
  • Skills & techniques to drive defensively
  • Recap Basic Theory – Highway code, Overtaking rule, Junction rule
  • Accidents scenarios – Case study
  • Preventive measures – Hazard action plan
  • Code of conduct when driving

General Information For Online Lessons

  1. Learners must have a valid booking to join the meetings.
  2. For authentication and security purposes, learners are required to sign in Zoom.
  3. Please join using full name as per enrolment to facilitate attendance marking. Attendance is marked based on the name used in the meeting. If using Alias name, please add [Learner ID] beside it.
  4. Learners should also attend the lesson from a location with good internet connection. Once admitted, please:
      • Click Join Audio
      • Click Start Video
      • Click Participants (Find your name and rename if necessary)
  5. Learners are to have a device with a working camera and microphone that is able to support Zoom. It is compulsory to enable camera to show your presence (minimally face visible on screen) Your active participation is expected.
  6. To enable a good learning experience for all learners,
    CDC will remove learners from the Online lesson under the below circumstances
      • Learners who are driving or riding in an unsafe situation
      • Learners who are late for more than 15 minutes
      • Learners whom are non-responsive for more than 10 minutes
      • Learners whose camera is off
      • Learners who cannot be seen for more than 10 minutes
      • Learners who are abusive or disrupt the class

For learners who are removed from the online lesson, we regret that no refund will be given.

Also, learners may have to enrol for the course again.

We seek your cooperation to follow our guidelines for a smooth learning journey with CDC.

Application Documents

  • Identity Card
  • Driving Licence
  • DIPs letter from Traffic Police internet connection.

    Photocopies of the documents will not be accepted.


    Mode of payment

    • NETS or NETSPAY only.