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Course Overview

The Refresher Course is aimed at drivers who have not driven for a number of years, and want to refresh their driving skills for better road safety. Obtaining a driving license is only the beginning of a long-term experience in motoring.

There is still so much to learn on the behaviour and attitudes of other road users and the correct principles of driving. The Motorcar Refresher Course is specially designed to improve the participants driving skills, confidence and making them Safe and Socially Responsible Drivers.

  • Pre-drive procedures
  • Circuit training
  • Identifying costly mistakes on the road
  • Expressway driving
  • Handling slopes
  • Parking techniques (reverse & parallel) including multi-storey car parks
  • Basic route planning and City driving

Enrolment Pre-Requisites

  • A Qualified Class 3/3A Singapore Driver’s License.
  • Must not have any class(s) of Qualified Singapore Driving License under revocation, disqualification or suspension.
  • Applicants above the age of 65 or pregnant drivers must produce a certified doctor’s letter stating that he/she is fit for driving during the period of training.

Application Documents

  • Identity Card or Passport.
  • Class 3 Qualified Singapore Driving License

Photocopies of the documents will not be accepted.

Download our Refresher Course ebrochure

Enhancement Training

Motorcar Training Videos

Starting from 8 October 2020, ComfortDelGro Driving Center (CDC) will be launching a series of Motorcar training videos (‘videos’). Produced based on the subjects in CDC’s Class 3/3A practical curriculum, there will be 21 manual car videos and 19 automatic car videos.

These videos are available to all CDC Motorcar Learners and Private learners registered with CDC. For CDC Class 3/3A Learners, these videos will be available as part of the enrolment package as an additional training resource and on a pay-per-view basis.

For learners in all other CDC licencing courses (eg 3T, Express course) and Private learners registered with CDC, these videos will be available on a pay-per-view basis only.

Course Fees starting from 1 Jan 2023


Enrolment Fee
Public $54.00 (6-month membership)
Refresher Course (Manual – 100 mins)


Refresher Course (Auto – 100 mins)
Public $89.64
Refresher Course  (EV– 100 mins)
Public $92.88

All prices include GST.
Minimum 2 practical lessons are required.
Additional lessons are available upon request.

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Online enrolment is for Refresher Courses at UBI ONLY

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For Refresher Courses at KOVAN, please enrol in person at Kovan Branch Office.